Carole Spackman Ceramics  Tableware & Kitchen Pots

Meadow & Midnight Flowers


Eye level fields alongside our cottage track are typical of the area .
In my first summer in Llanddeusant, I noticed a wide variety of wild flowers & grasses through gaps in the hedge, marvelling at the changing colours throughout the seasons. After over 30 years of careful conservation, this field continues to flourish, providing me with the inspiring material for my new table ware......

Garlic Pot

Garlic Pot holes allow the air to circulate around the garlic keeping the garlic fresh
Ht. 13.5cm

£19 plus postage at cost

Small Lidded Jar

Height 11.6cm
£16 plus post & packing at cost

Butter Dish

Holds 250g pack of butter
£29 plus postage

Storage Jars

   Heights:  1 1.5 cm, 14 cm. & 19.5 cm.

   £15, £19 & £25 plus postage costs  


  Height:  20 cm.  Capacity 1 litre.
 £39 + postage cost


Height: 11.5cm.

    £15 each
Also on show in Llanddeusant Church, Carmarthenshire

Egg Cups

£4 each + postage cost

Larger Mugs

350 ml 12.5cm ht. £17 each + postage costs

Salt Pig

Height: 15 cm.

    £18 + postage cost


£39 (approx. height 20cm), £24 (approx height 12cm),
£17 (approx height 10cm) £9 (approx height 6.5cm)

Mixing Bowls

Heights X Widths: 10 cm. x 18.5 cm. & 9 cm. x 14 cm.

£34 set plus postage at cost.  SOLD, but more coming soon.


Stone Garlic Pot

This glaze blends particularly well with the old Welsh stone buildings,
making them sympathetic kitchen pots.

Height: 15cm. Holds at least 3 whole garlic bulbs.

£17 plus postage at cost.

Mixing Bowl Set

Heights x widths:  9.5 x 17.5 cm  &  9.5 cm x 14 cm

£34 set plus postage at cost.  

SOLD, but more coming soon.


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