Carole Spackman Ceramics  Raku

 Raku & Fumed Pots

Plunged into a red hot kiln, my sculptures are then treated
to post firing techniques to produce individualised effects.

  Young Greater Spotted Woodpeckers

Heights:  18cm & 20.5 cm.

£68 each  plus postage.

Black & white subjects lend themselves naturally to Raku, with the black carbon deposits contrasting with the white crackle glazes and underglaze colours.  I watch, draw & photograph these birds at close range, enabling me to depict characteristic movements, capturing moments of change..

Pied Wagtail

Height:  25cm.

£70 plus postage at cost. 

I draw on the textures on the escarpment on the nearby Black Mountain and the patterns caused by wind, rain, mosses & lichens for my bowls & bottles.

Wood Fired Growth Pot



Height x Width: 8.5 cm x 18 cm


Carved Bottle


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